The Syrian international research production that is published in referred international academic journals, and indexed in international research databases,is considered poor compared to most countries in the Middle East (see Appendix 1). For example,one university (American University of Beirut) in a neighboring country has published till 2015 double the number of all academic papers that are published in Syria as a whole ( Out of 239 countries, Syria is ranked 101 with only 5151 international research documents published in the period between 1996 and 2014 ( 

According to some policy makers in the country,in addition to other major factors, this fact is mainly because of the Arabic language as a main teaching language at Syrian universities and research centers. However, one may argue that if the English language is a major factor for a higher  international indexing, why only three countries which are considered of what so called Anglo-Saxon Countries are within the top ten ranked countries in international research indexing ( 

A quick look at the situation of Syrian international academic research shows that despite of the Syrian crisis, Syrian international researchers who are located in Syria are performing considerably well during the years of the crisis, started in early 2012. This, in fact, may give the impression that Syrian researchers are capable to compete internationally in the coming few years that could be a factor of enhancing the position of Syria in the international ranking of research production.